Raid Info

Raid Times

Wed 830 – 11pm ST

Thurs 830 – 11pm ST

Mods Used

Boss Mod – Big Wigs or DBM

Weak Auras

Exorsus Raid Tools

Loot Type

Personal Loot

Voice Communication

We use Discord for voice communications. We expect all raiders to have discord and be able to follow commands said in Discord


We expect raid members to attend the majority of raids. If you can’t make it either decline the calendar invite or  post in the “no_show” discord channel.

Raider Expectations

Come prepared to raids with consumables (flasks, pots, food, runes )

Be ready 5 mins prior to raid invites

Watch videos of the encounters

Have my gear gemmed and enchanted

Research my class

Sign up to raids

Be polite and respectful to others

Optional Events

Sunday Fun-run – 8:30 11:00 pm ST Monday Kill Group – 8:30-11pm ST

Other nights – Mythics Dungeons AP Farms World Quests Normal Raids

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